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Individualized, Customized, and Specialized Services to help bring success to farmers.

About us

We at Advanced Agri Solutions focus all of our efforts to create specialized, individualized, and customizable applications, technologies, and services that help bring success to farmers across the U.S. We aim to serve others and provide quality products that are easy to use and highly effective in today's developing Agricultural problems. We don't just want to be seen as a company that can offer products to farmers, but trusted advisors that can help in the decisions of farmers on a daily basis. Our team is dedicated to finding new and developing technologies that are beneficial to farmers that not only create higher yield, but also create the opportunity for farmers to create more profit in their success in serving others with the everyday necessities that derive from agriculture. 

Community Involvement

Brook Stromberger and Kinley Lewis schol

Each year, we give scholarships to local students involved in the agricultural industry. Be on the lookout for our application in the future. 

Caliche gym floor renovation- 2019

Donating to schools in the surrounding area is something we feel very passionate about. Recently, we donated to the Caliche Gym Renovation. We are proud supporters of all schools. 

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